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The Federazione dei Comuni del Camposampierese (Federation of Camposampierese Municipalities) has recently revolutionised its “Marchio d’Area” or Geographical Area Brand with a consequent regeneration of values and tourist products.

This initiative has also led to projects for Ambassador products, which are the tangible proof of love for the land, pursuit of genuine recipes, attention to short supply chains and a passion for transforming simple ingredients into recipes with truly authentic flavour. Ambassador products are the true expression of the Camposampierese area and they are selected with scientific precision, company certification and attention to sustainability. Where possible, they highlight the historical aspect of rural country life, helping to recuperate local production traditions.

The Commission has selected seven producers from all the Camposampierese municipalities, for a total of 35 products. These include fresh produce such as dairy, cured meats and ready-to-eat foods, ingredients that respect biodiversity such as Cinquantino yellow corn flour and spelt, and processed foods such as jams, cakes, biscuits, snacks and beer. Ambassador products are easy to recognise thanks to their distinctive branding.

The following pages not only tell the stories of the selected companies and their products, they also suggest recipes that combine these products with sustainable ingredients because Ambassador Products are champions of quality, expressions of their local area, and promoters of physical and mental wellbeing.

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