Duemila anni di storia da vivere

The rural area of Camposampierese hides treasures of art, history and architecture to be discovered at a slow pace. These are iconic places with an ancient history, such as the Anthonian Shrines in Camposampiero, the Veneto Villas and the Museum of Roman Centuriation in Borgoricco.  

Veneto Villas in the Camposampierese district

This area is a mosaic of Veneto Villas and stately homes that lend Campsampierese its genteel, noble air.

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The Middle Ages and places of worship

During the Middle Ages, Saint Anthony of Padua spent the last period of his life in the Camposampierese area, a land of strong spiritual influence.

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The Roman Centuriation

This is the district's unifying feature: there are no archaeological sites in the area, but there is a landscape that reflects the echoes of human craftsmanship and a grid-like network of roads (the so called centuriazione).

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