The Middle Ages and places of worship

In the Camposampierese district, the medieval imprint is clear: it can be seen in a number of artefacts, such as the towers that outline the town of Camposampiero and the tower that stands out in the centre of San Giorgio delle Pertiche.
The medieval past is clearly visible in the numerous testimonies of faith and devotion: churches, oratories and shrines tell the story of their communities.

Let us discover together the most important places to visit:

The Anthonian Shrines in Camposampiero stand on ground made holy by the presence of Saint Anthony in the month before his death: the Santuario della Visione (Shrine of the Vision) is the cell where the Saint had his vision of himself embracing the baby Jesus, while the Shrine of the Walnut Tree, built on the spot where Brother Anthony had a cell built for prayer, is a quiet place decorated with sixteenth-century frescoes. Situated in the heart of the city, the Anthonian Shrines are a true oasis of peace, as well as offering accommodation and a bookshop. Discover the opening hours and how to get there:

During the Middle Ages, other places of worship were built, such as the Oratory of San Massimo, in Borghetto di Villa del Conte: this beautiful little rural church was once a popular place of pilgrimage due to its location along the ancient Romea Strata. Today the Oratory is looked after by a Conservation Committee which organises open days and community events. Our suggestion? Make a stop at the Oratory of San Massimo during your cycling or walking tour!

The beautiful Church of Panigale stands on the banks of the Tergola river in Bronzola di Campodarsego. The banks of the Tergola River are frequented by many cyclists and walkers who pass by the church and the beautiful Tergolandia Natural and Cultural Park on a daily basis. That's right, Tergolandia is another place in the heart of the district where artists have created sculptures using inorganic materials. It is a place to see and to believe!

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