Mature Veneto Caciotta

Ingredients: Cow’s milk, natural milk enzymes, salt and rennet. N.B.: Edible rind. Ageing lasts from 25 to 30 days and is carried out traditionally: the cheese rests in fact on fir wood tables (which contribute to the characteristic flavour that caciotta must have), which are changed and cleaned every day. To fully enjoy the flavour of Caciotta Stagionata Veneta, we recommend eating it at room temperature, so it should be taken out of the fridge an hour before eating. It goes best with: various cold cuts, but in particular prosciutto crudo, soppressa and speck, and also bread or breadsticks, tomatoes and oregano. Cooked, in any dish instead of mozzarella or cheese slices, this caciotta is full of flavour and a must-try!
Also good with various spicy mustard compotes of fruit.

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