Two major national routes cross this area: the Romea Strata and the Cammino di S. Antonio. The Treviso-Ostiglia Cycle PathExternal link, completes the offer for lovers of sustainable tourism, a network of cycle paths that dominate the landscape from east to west.

Along the route of the Romea Strata, an ancient road used by pilgrims from Central and Eastern Europe on their way to Rome, stands the Oratory of San Massimo in Borghetto, a small country church on the spring water belt. This environment, with its open borders, enriches the route with its history and spiritual aura. Discover the Romea Strata route by visiting the official website.

The Camposampierese is inextricably linked to the story of Saint Anthony, one of the most beloved saints of Christianity, who spent the last days of his earthly life in Camposampiero. There are two Shrines in the town dedicated to the memory of this beloved friar. It is the starting point of the "Ultimo Cammino" (Last Pilgrimage), a 25-kilometre route that links the shrines of Camposampiero and Arcella to the Basilica del Santo in Padua. Pilgrims can obtain a route badge at each of the stops along the way.

The Cammino di Sant’Antonio continues to La Verna in the province of Arezzo, totalling 431 km. Discover the whole of the Cammino di S. Antonio. External link

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