Agribirrificio FRIA

AgriBirrificio Fria came out of an idea for a beer project that would focus on the local area. This is why the farm grows its own ingredients, from the barley to the spices, respecting the seasonality of these crops in its production of special beers. The undertaking is to produce local farm beers, making the most of what the earth has to offer. The spices are grown and processed by the company itself for the production of special craft beers in a limited version during the seasons when each spice is ready to be used. AgriBirrificio Fria grows two-row barley on the farm’s land and it is a partner of the malt house run by the COBI (Italian consortium of barley and beer producers) that specialises in the malting of Italian cereals for beer production, ensuring real product traceability that guarantees Italian malts for the beers produced. The hops are carefully chosen to respect the types of beer produced thanks to a project in collaboration with local producers and a small hop field that will be set up on the farm to integrate the percentage of zero-food-mile ingredients for production of the beer.

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Birra Brindisi Quad
Gabri Spina
Evento 22.10.2023 Loreggia (PD) Ph Credit Mirco Levorato (2)
Evento 22.10.2023 Loreggia (PD) Ph Credit Mirco Levorato (5)

Gabriele Ferro: An architect with a degree in landscape architecture from the IUAV in Venice, he spent years travelling in Europe and Australia, gaining experience in the culture of “made in Italy” abroad before deciding the time had come to return to Italy. He came to the world of beer with a single idea in mind: the production of local craft beers made with ingredients from the land. This marked the start of years of study and research, and the initial production of home-made beers with constant sourcing of zero-food-mile ingredients. He has founded the farm where he grows barley, spices and flavourings. At this point he opened his AgriBirrificio or farm brewery, with over 70% of its ingredients certified as own-produced. He is now fermenting the idea of his first 100% local “from seed to beer” product.


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