Salsa Tolomei

This is a relatively new zero-food-mile farm that specialises in the production of different kinds of chilli pepper, some of the hottest in the world.

The entire supply chain is hand-processed at the farm: from sowing of the seeds to harvesting, packaging to end consumer. The aim of Salsa Tolomei is to develop unique aromatic profiles, integrating the various nuances of capsaicin with local autochthonous products to break the preconceived notion of large-scale hot sauce from exotic sources, today unsustainable. The company is committed to respecting nature and the environment, offering a healthier lifestyle. The sauces are in fact produced in small seasonal batches, using fresh vegetables grown on the farm, and picked in season when ripe. No thickening agents, no processed preservatives, no additives. 

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Evento 12.11.2023 Villanova Di Camposampiero (PD) Ph Credit Mirco Levorato (39)
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Cured meat and cheese platter with hot sauce

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